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                                       $950 Mainland Florida


                                    1  .  800  .  756  .  2311

                                      24 Hour Transportation

Our arrangement provides transportation throughout mainland Florida for Simple, Direct Cremation. Our fee includes the return of one State of Florida certified death certificate & cremated remains via the requirements of the United States Postal Service anywhere in the 48 states. You will not need to travel if you are out of the area.

                          You will not be responsible for additional fees

Step  1:

                         Advise Medical Professional to call
                        American Heritage Cremation Society 
                                       1 . 800 . 756 . 2311

Step  2:

Forms to Complete:

A.  Death Certificate Information


B. Cremation Authorization & Contract $950

                                   Not available in Funeral Homes.


                                        Office &  24 Hour
Death Calls

                              American Heritage Cremation Society
                              5438 Flora Avenue Holiday FL 34690


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